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  1. You must meet the eligibility requirements for a licence through RECA.
  2. Set up your account through RECA and get a CON-ID.
  3. Complete the course registration through AREA. All licensees must start by taking the Fundamentals of Real Estate course.
  4. AREA recommends completing your course within 90 days (125 hours).
  5. From the time you indicate you are ready to take the RECA examination, you have 90 days and two chances to pass the examination.
  6. You must complete at least one practice course and pass its examination as well, using steps 3-5.
  7. Once you have passed at least one practice the examination, you need to get a police check for RECA.
  8. You must become a licensed real estate agent through brokerage affiliation.

The AREA Fundamentals of Real Estate course is $600. The four Practice courses are $400 each. The Real Estate Broker course is also $400.

Yes. You will be required to take and pass the RECA examinations for your courses.  There are also many other costs associated with becoming a REALTOR®. For a more comprehensive list, please view it here.

AREA currently offers online, asynchronous learning that does include a handful of videos, but involves a lot of reading. AREA will be offering a cohort approach to its learning, including some in-person instruction on the more difficult topics, starting in 2024. If you are interested in a cohort offering please sign up here.

Learners can find the enrolment form by clicking “Enroll Now” in the right part of the website or through this link: area learn (

AREA will review the submitted pre-requisite questionnaire after receiving it from the learner. The review may need 48 hours as AREA checks learner’s RECA eligibility. Once validated, the learner can make course purchases from the learners’ dashboard.

The list of courses with additional practice test materials are below:  

1. AREA Fundamentals of Real Estate: 
  • Practice test questions 
  • Practice test module 
2. AREA Practice of Residential Real Estate:  
  • Study guide for residential real estate practice 
  • Practice tests for residential real estate 
3. AREA Practice of Property Management:  
  • Access to a third-party study guide with a coupon for 
4. AREA Practice of Commercial Real Estate:  
  • Access to a third-party study guide with a coupon for 
5. AREA Practice of Rural Real Estate:  
  • Practice tests for rural real estate 
6. AREA Real Estate Broker Program: 
  • Practice tests for real estate brokers 

AREA also organizes regular webinars and open houses, where subject matter experts answer practice-related questions.  

As a learner at AREA, you can access webinars and open houses where subject matter experts are ready to answer practice-related questions. If you need further assistance , please contact us via email at  

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